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We’re here to announce that we’re having our annual giveaway for our special followers as a thank you for following us and being fans of Uta no Prince-Sama!

The winner will receive the following:

  • x2 poster sets (4 posters total).
  • 1 shining all star keychain (random).
  • A drawing of any UtaPri character by Mi-tan (in whichever outfit you’d like).
  • A surprise gift from Kayu.
  • 2 doujinshi (One is OtoToki and the other is ReiOtoToki) IMPORTANT: For these doujinshi, you must either have valid proof that you’re 18 or have your parent/guardian approval.

Before you enter please carefully read the rules below. Thank you.


 1. You must be following Prism-Seven in order to enter (We will be checking)

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 3. If you are the winner, you must provide some proof that you are 18 years or older (or have a parent/guardian approval) to receive the doujinshis.

 4. You must be okay with providing your address and name if you are chosen as the winner.


Winner will be drawn on September 6, 2014. (At 10 pm Pacific Time)

 We will be using to randomly choose the winner.

Please keep your ask boxes OPEN. We will contact you through that if you have won. Winners will have a 48 hour window to reply before we select a new winner.

We would like to thank all our followers for being supportive of the series and this blog. We know we’re not able to post a lot due to our tight schedules but know we are truly thankful for each and every one of you.

So thank you all so very much! (´´)*:・゚

- Prism-Seven. Admin Mi-tan and Kayumi-chan

NOTE FROM ADMIN KAYUMI: If the winner of this giveaway cannot provide that they are 18 years or older, or have their parent/guardian approval for the doujinshi, then we will have another giveaway for just those two items and ship the other items.

For those of you who follows us in the past, you guys know that our last giveaway had to be cut short because Tumblr doesn’t like giveaways. If that happens again, we’ll be posting just the images for you guys to like and reblog. We’ll keep track of those who liked and reblogged this original post, so that none of you lose your chances.


Let the mountains fall.


Let the mountains fall.

Handa-kun Chapter 6




Vol. 3: ACT.26 

Vol.4: ACT. 27- ACT. 28 (SOON)

Vol. 6: ACT.46 - ACT.47 - ACT.48 - ACT.49 - ACT.50

Vol.10?: ACT.79- ACT.80(SOON)

HANDA-KUN(Barakamon Spin-off)



Read More






「あの花」/「cathyinaba」のイラスト [pixiv]

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Since there’s been some confusion and I just found some translations for Novel 8 I thought I’d make a better master reference post for those interested in reading the Durarara Light Novels.

Please keep in mind these are all fantranslations
Also as an fyi the anime basically…